SU:M37 Secret Special Set - 11 pieces

SU:M37 Secret Special Set - 11 pieces


11 pcs set includes:

  • Secret Balancing Toner 150ml
  • Secret Enhancing Emulsion 120ml
  • Secret Cream (Anti-wrinkle) 20ml
  • Secret Essense Double Concentrate (Anti-wrinkle/Whitening) 30ml
  • Secret Mist 30ml
  • Secret Balancing Toner 20ml
  • Secret Enhancing Emulsion 20ml
  • Secret Essense 12ml
  • Secret Cream (Anti-wrinkle) 6ml
  • Skin saver Essential Cleansing Foam 40ml
  • Applicator
  • Additional info.

    • The packaging is wonderful that makes you feel like receiving a gift from Korean royalty, complete with the yellow box forming the backdrop of the gift set (yellow is considered to be a royal color in Asia, just like how purple is considered the color of royalty in the Western world).
    • The story behind the name is quite interesting. ‘Sum’ means Breathe in Korean, and 37 degrees is the optimal temperature for fermentation and aging, as well as the normal human body temp.
    • The reference to fermentation reveals the philosophy and trade secret behind Su:m37: use of naturally fermented ingredients to strengthen and improve the skin.
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