8pcs special radiant skin care set

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8pcs special radiant skin care set.

Tired of dull, lifeless skin? This 8 pieces radiant skincare set is a comprehensive collection of effective yet gentle, high-quality and affordable Korean skin care products. Whether you have oily, dry or sensitive skin, this set will help you achieve your skin-specific goals and delivers results from achieving radiant skin, detoxify your skin and more.

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8pcs special radiant skin care set includes:

  • Elixir Skin Softener (Wrinkle-care) 150ml
  • Elixir Emulsion (Wrinkle-care) 130ml
  • Elixir Essence Secréta (Wrinkle-care) 40ml
  • Elixir Cream (Wrinkle-care) 7ml
  • Elixir Eye Cream (Wrinkle-care) 4ml
  • Elixir Day Ampoule (Wrinkle-care) 10ml
  • Elixir Night Ampoule (Wrinkle-care) 10ml
  • Elixir Foam Cleanser 80ml
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