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We are easy breezy and Kaftan crazy

Swimwear fashion has seen its own journey from sexy bikinis, trendy monokinis to stylish Kaftans. We are living in a time where fashion speaks a lot about us. As woman we can experiment with fashion and new trends that come out, to look our best at every place and occasion. The summer fashion at Hattrick, particularly has a lot in for you ladies with bright colours, floral prints, and flowy garments so that you can feel easy breezy in the summers and let your skin breathe in our comfortable yet trendy Kaftans.

Kaftans are trending in fashion not only because it is light, flowy and comfortable along with being stylish (Phew..! that’s a lot of qualities :P) but also because it is the most versatile piece of garment to ever exist for woman. Kaftans can be worn for casual lounging evenings at home, while lazing around at the beach reading your favourite book or styling it in a formal outfit with a few layers and accessories. A kaftan is a piece of clothing that you have the luxury to wear wherever and however you prefer it.

Kaftans aren’t limited to a particular shape of body. No matter what your height is, or your body type is, kaftans look stunning on everybody. With kaftans you get multiple patterns to choose from, a few of them are listed below:

1. Maxi Dress Kaftan:

We are easy breezy and Kaftan crazy

If you are a person who prefers long, flowy gowns then a Maxi Dress Kaftan is the ideal choice for you. For an intimate gathering or a full night rage, there could be nothing more comfortable and perfect to show up in, than a trendy looking maxi kaftan.

2. Shrug Kaftan:

We are easy breezy and Kaftan crazy

Your swimwear needs a companion and there is nothing better than to overlay your bikini with a trendy shrug kaftan. Available in exquisite prints and fascinating colours, these kaftans are a must-have in your wardrobe.

3. Knee-Length Kaftans:

We are easy breezy and Kaftan crazy

If you wish to look uber cool, then knee-length kaftans are your way to go, a perfect balance of cute yet sexy that feels so comfortable to wear at any given point and time. Perfect for a romantic brunch or even for an evening coffee with your gal pals, a short dress kaftan just never goes out of style.

The above mentioned are just a few styles amongst the vast variety of kaftans that are available. If you want to look stylish and fashion-forward with all the comfort power, then do checkout our website for an amazing collection of stylish Kaftans and we bet you will go crazy for Kaftans just as we have.

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